Move account with account password - ERROR! Help!!!


Aug 13, 2001
I posted this into cpanel's support ticket, but having no response yet - might as well post here if someone can help me on this...

Was trying to transfer an account from my reseller cpanel host to my own dedicated server. The following was the results from my dedicated server's WHM when I tried to move the account (those in curly brackets have been erased out for privacy purpose):

Attempting to copy knowmed from {my reseller host}

Attempting to login as knowmed to {my reseller host}
via ftp

Login ok
Uploading Wrapper
Uploading Dectector
Uploading Packager
Uploading Downloader
Uploading Killer
chmoding scripts
Found uid to be: 32100
Compiling wrapper
uploading wrapper
chmodding wrapper
Closing FTP Control
Packing Account using suexec method

Copying Mail files....Done
Copying proftpd file....Done
Copying www logs.............
Grabbing mysql dbs...Done
Grabbing mysql privs...Done
Copying mailman lists....Done
Copying mailman archives....Done
Copying homedir....Done
Copying cpuser file.......Done
Copying quota info.......Done
Storing Subdomains....
Storing Parked Domains....
Copying password.......Done
Copying shell.......Done
pkgacctfile is: /tmp/cpmove-knowmed.tar.gz
Creating Archive ....Done
FOUND MD5 to be : d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
md5sum is: d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e
DOWNLOAD READY in /tmp/cpmove-knowmed.tar.gz
Downloading Tarball
http://{my reseller host}/~knowmed/cgi-bin/cpdownload/cpaneldownacct.cgi (unk
nown size)

cpaneldownacct.cgi [+]
; 0K

cpaneldownacct.cgi [-]
; 0K

0 bytes transferred in 0.00 sec (0.00k/sec)
Removing Scripts using suexec method

Checksum Matches!
Extracting tarball....
gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
/bin/tar: Child returned status 1
/bin/tar: Done
Extracting Domain....Done
Sorry, the copy failed. Unable to find
the cpanel user file

Extract Failed
Error exit delayed from previous errors
Invalid Account


Anyone can help me on this one - or at least give me the pointers on how do I migrate those accounts manually - main thing I need is to grab the existing POP accounts and e-mail forwarding list. The rest shouldn't be a problem for now - of course, getting the WHM's move account with account password script to work would be the best!



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Oct 27, 2002
I'm very certain you must have root access. I'm sure this would be a nice feature request for people that are on a reselling host that want to move up in the world to their own dedicated server. I'd suggestion making this a feature request on cPanel bugtraq.

An option aroudn this may be tocreate a form that will ask them for their passwords... have it email to you, setup their new email addy in their cpanel and you're set.