Move Accounts to Another Server with No Downtime?

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Aug 3, 2016
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I have a situation that it's a bit confuse for me. I have 2 WHM cPanel Servers and one VPS with Only DNS.

I have a domain name for main domain to all these 3 servers.

Main WHM Server
with DNS of the ->
Second WHM Server ->
DNSONLY setup ->

I want my Main WHM Server that have the main domain and DNS records to format it and install new centos and cPanel fresh installation.

The problem is the time that I make this work my second server that have will not resolve the mails and sites of websites that are there?? How is possible to make my work with no downtime to my second WHM Server?

See below the structure:

Main WHM Server {That I want to shutdown and re-install}

I have it with cluster to DNSonly
Code: {Write-only}

Main WHM Server DNS records of the domain that sharing:

DNS - Records of my Main WHM Server        300    IN    NS        300    IN    NS

ns1                14400    IN    A {Main WHM Server IP}
ns2                14400    IN    A {Main WHM Server IP}

ns100             14400    IN    A {Other WHM cPanel Server}

ns200             14400    IN    A {My OnlyDNS as second nameserver on my other cPanel Server}
ns21               14400    IN    A {My OnlyDNS hostname and nameserver on MyOnlyDNS vps setup}        14400    IN    MX    0        14400    IN    A

hostname2    14400    IN    A    {Other WHM cPanel Server Hostname}
From intodns:

Code: Results:
I want to mention that all the records also is on

Also I have setup the second WHM server as:

Code: {Write-only}

Can advice me how I can make no downtime of my second server that have the same domain in hostname and ns records?

Thank you in advanced!
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Nov 14, 2017