Move Dedicated to VPS, but keeping the same IP


Jan 19, 2006
Does anyone know the easiest way to move a server from a Dedicated to VPS?

1. Build new VPS server with a different IP. Ask for temp VPS license for the new server.
2. Move all accounts from Dedicated to VPS server.

How would I change the IPs of the VPS server to take the IP for the dedicated? (Of course when I do this, I will have a new VPS license in place for the old Dedicated IP)

Anything else? Can support help with changing my IP for the VPS? I can do the migration myself. I am not familiar with changing my IPs for the server itself. There are probably a bunch or config files that need to be modify.


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Oct 4, 2010
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you need to ask your hosting provider if you can keep your old ip.
here is what i would do if i were you:
id set up my new box with a new ip, configure everything and then when all is up and running id ask them to remove the vps and route the ip to my ded. box :) and then you can add that ip to your server and use that ip for what every you want. but that wont be your 'main' ip..