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Dec 25, 2003
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil
Move from cPanel to cPanel server

Some clues or links appreciated.
I am trying to move some whole accounts from a server A to a server B.
I read the documentation and searched the entire forum and did my homework, also in Webhosting talk Foruns.
I have a reseller WHM access on both servers without SSH on the A.
I have access to all accounts (about 15).
Reading the docs, over cPanel, I do a “Full backup”, via FTP to the new one (B).
Work fine. (Also over download and FTP)
The “Home backup not including DBs, mail, etc.

But there is no feature in cPanel for to reinstall a whole account including the Data bases, E-mail, whatever.
I see only the “Restore a home back-up”. Trying this, I create a folder with the back-up file name.
The same if I “Extract” the tar.gz. The cPanel documentation says move the tar ball to the root but was already uploaded to the root per FTP. At list, the root of the account/domain to load.
I do not see any feature like copy account(s) in WHM (My reseller WHM).
In the Directory create by the Upload or Extract the whole account seems to be present.

For sure I missed something. Thank you for your help.
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Jan 17, 2003
if you provide your usernames and passwords to your host he can move them into your account via the main WHM.

Reseller WHM will not allow this unless you have all privileges turned on.