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Jun 5, 2006
When an account is too large to feasibly move using the web browser, kindly do the following to move the account :

The setup :

Domain :
Username : dom

make a temp directory on /home (i'll call it /home/cptemp/) where you can store the accounts files while copying.

#mkdir /home/cptemp

Almost all space for an account is in their public_html directory, so we'll want to tar and gzip it and move that over using scp.

#cd /home/dom/
#tar czvf public_html_dom.tgz public_html
#mv public_html_dom.tgz /home/cptemp/
#mv public_html /home/cptemp/

Also often times large sites have large weblogs, which are packaged and transfered, so we take care of those as well :

#cd /usr/local/apache/domlogs/
#mv /home/cptemp/

Now with these files in /home/cptemp/ , try moving the account over in WHM, hopefully it will succeed and set up the new account on the new server. Now we go back to /home/cptemp/ and scp the files to their new home,

#scp public_html_dom.tgz [email protected]:/home/dom/ (enter the root pass for the new server and let it copy the file over)

#scp [email protected]:/usr/local/apache/domlogs/ (do the same as above)

Now go to the new server and unpack the two large files you just moved.

#cd /home/dom/
#tar xzvf public_html_dom.tgz
#cd /usr/local/apache/domlogs/
#gzip -d

This should do it!