Move MyDNS to a remote server without moving all the sites databases


Sep 7, 2003
Austin, TX
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So I just upgraded to WHM 11.32 and love the new myDNS feature, I have 2 full cPanel servers and 1 DNSonly that is also a mySQL server (Since cPanel didn't support mySQL5.5 at the time).

My server gamma is setup to use the remote SQL on zeta and when I switched to MyDNS it setup the account on the remote SQL server. However my other server delta (which uses its local SQL database) I want MyDNS to use the remote server but keep all the user account databases and config databases locally. Is there a way to do this at all? I know I can modify the config file for mydns but I'm not sure if that would also change the config for dnsadmin.

Also sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, its a mix of DNS and Database related.