Dec 30, 2001
If I move my server from one data centre to another, and the IP addresses are changed. What should I do with the software to make sure it will be work fine after the move ?



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Aug 14, 2001
back woods of NC, USA
You mean grab the server and move it? you mean downtime right? Most hosts setup another box and transfer files so there is no downtime. If it is a short move and you plan to do it that way then all you do is change the IPs in teh DNS server and the IP related files in WHM. Another problem is it take 24 hours to change the DNS IP addresses. Once you move the box and the dns the root will stil be pointing to the old nameservers. What you could do is ask somneone in that old noc to host your zones and dns until you get moved. Just copy your zones to their server and move your DNS IPs so they bind on that borrowed box. right before you grab you box change all the IPs that the borrowed dns server is pointing to so they point to your new IP addresses (even though they aren\'t active yet). run like hell with server... Boot and start configuring with new IPs ... validate sites work with IPs and then test to see if borrowed DNS is working to new server. Then dumplicate the new IP zones and install on moved machine. assign new IPs to DNS servers and then after you are sure DNS will work you change the IPs at your NIC and wait 24-36 hours. This way if you were moving next door you might be down 2 hours. My clients would complain about 2 minutes so last 2 times I moved I built new machines and I had 0 minutes downtime :)