Moved servers. Now Wordpress emails go to junk folder on Gmail


Mar 4, 2005
I know that this is going to sound like a pretty specific problem, but I suspect it's something I've overlooked. I've searched Wordpress and Gmail help, but both are pretty generic. I suspect this is a problem with my SPF records or something.

Here's the situation:

I host several domains, all running Wordpress. Last week, I moved all these domains to a new server (both servers running WHM/cPanel, but the second server is a VPS). I've updated the DNS and everything seems to be working.

Except: All emails sent by Wordpress –****Contact forms, new comment notifications, etc – are all ending up in my "Junk" folder on Gmail. This happens for multiple sites and started after the sites were moved.

I use Google Apps (Gmail) for mail on the domains and the mail is being sent to an address of the Wordpress domain.

Has anyone experienced this, or know of something I may have overlooked?


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

It's possible that it's simply related to the reputation of the new IP address you are using. However, check to make sure RDNS is enabled for your mail server name, and SPF records are added for these domain names. Note that you may need to consult directly with Google to determine why the messages are marked as SPAM.

Thank you.