Moving a site...Restoring a site from CPanel backup???


Oct 13, 2001
I am in the unfortunate position of switching webhosts and am having to move all my clients' sites. I want to know if there's some detailed info somewhere regarding the backup --& restore process. Some of my specific questions are as follows:

(1) If I use CPanel to backup a site on the old server, download the .tar file, and again use CPanel to upload to the new server...will it automatically extract all the files and properly set permissions for .CGI scripts, etc?

(2) What sorts of hang-ups can I expect in this procedure? Is it a function that sometimes works, but usually doesn't?

(3) What about email accounts? I want little to no downtime for my clients' email accounts. Must these all be set up differently/separately?

(4) Finally, is there a step-by-step guide with this information? It would be a fantastic reference if there is such a thing.

Thanks a MILLION! :)


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Jan 18, 2003
If you have full access to root WHM (not reseller WHM), there's a place you can go to restore multiple accounts completely