Moving accounts to new server and DNS issues


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Feb 29, 2008
Ok so I have bought a new server and I am moving all the accounts on my old WHM to the new one. Some of them are copied and what I did was go into the DNS zone of their domains on the old server and change all IP references to the new IP. This was they are immediately pointing to the new IP and when all accounts are done being copied I just change the IPs of my two nameservers for that server.

Now this works just fine, if I ping X domain it shows the new IP. If I go to the web address it accesses via the new IP. So all that works fine.

But, I have noticed that X domain still has it's user running on the old server with imap service. When I shut that user down running that IMAP service a few minutes later it comes back. So it seems to me that it's still not pointing email to the new server. Even though if I send an email to and address at that domain and check, it comes into the new server not the old one. So routing is fine, but when they are checking they are still logging into the old server.

What did I do wrong here? Do I need to change the MX on the old server to the new IP instead of the domain??

Thanks for any help. :)


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Jun 1, 2002
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you may just need to wait.
It's likely that the device connecting to the old server hasn't refreshed it's own DNS yet.

Sometimes I find that if I suspend the account on the old server, it blocks access to their email account, and then their device seems to search out the new IP.


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Apr 22, 2005
In old server, stop all services except DNS (named or nsd) and SSH services. You can do this from WHM of old server (Service Configuration >> Service Manager).