Moving All Accounts to New Server Questions


Sep 9, 2019
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I've got a task to handle and here's my full scenario. Any help would be much appreciated!

A shared hosting plan managed with CPanel exists and now I need to move them to a new (more featured) hosting plan with CPanel in the same provider.

The current hosting plan contains about 170 websites which are almost all static html-css websites except the 2 of them have their seperate databases.

Each of the websites have their own directories in the hosting's public_html folder (one server, multiple websites) and each have their own domains (on different provider than my hosting provider)

1) Which one do I need to follow to achieve a seamless and relatively fast migration;

A -) getting a full cpanel backup and then importing it to the new CPanel or
B -) moving all files via SFTP and using PHPMyAdmin to handle those two databases?

2) How can I handle setting all of these 170 domains to match the new hosting package? (host files will be on the same hosting provider and I think this clearly shows I need to do more than changing the name servers, since they will be the same)

3) I need to get SSL sertificates for each of them with Let's Encrypt but the provider does not support the automated system so I need to manually do this, tips for also doing this would be awesome...

Thank you so much!


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @welldo,

I'm happy to help!

1. Can you confirm your access level to each server? For instance, do you have root access to both servers? Or, do you have root access to the new (destination) server, and cPanel access only to the old (source) server?

2. Are you transferring a single cPanel account (with multiple addon domains/aliases), or are you transferring multiple cPanel accounts?

Thank you.