Moving cPanel server to AWS

Mr Luke

Jun 3, 2011
Devon, UK
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Hi there, we are currently looking to move our servers to AWS, and the architecture that has been suggested is a 3-tier/multi-tier, high availability scaling setup.

The AWS tech guy we spoke to isn't 100% familiar with cPanel/WHM and thinks that the multi tier and high availability options wouldn't be possible, and that we'd maybe have to settle with a 2 tier (web app/front end and database) with the option to just spin up cloned template snapshots of a WHM/cPanel setup when we need a new instance, with our server settings pre-configured to keep it consistent.

Is this accurate or can WHM/cPanel be configured to make use of AWS' high availability scaling and multi-tier setup?

If anyone has experience doing this or can help that would be very handy!