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Sep 30, 2009
I currently have a VPS running cPanel that I want to move to another VPS that a fresh install of cPanel will be on. I'd like to maintain the structure of some accounts while separating some domains out into multiple accounts (e.g. taking addon domains and making them their own accounts). I also have an SSL certificate that will need to be transferred as well as mail data. What do I need to consider when moving everything over, and should I use standard account transfer methods in cPanel, but manually transfer those sites I wish to create accounts for that don't currently exist? A brief rundown of some considerations I'll need to make for this process would be nice. Also lets say I have a cPanel account with multiple domains that I plan to put into individual accounts. Is there a way to retain the mail data for each domain or will I be unable to retain the inboxes if I move accounts around? If any part of this doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll try to clear it up. Thanks. It's obvious I'm not sure how I want to restructure my accounts yet, but just doing some preliminary work.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

SSL data is transferred, but you will need to ensure the certificate is installed on an account with a dedicated IP address on the destination server. There are no automated tools available that will separate an add-on domain name into it's own account. I suggest using the transfer tools provided in WHM to transfer the accounts over to the destination server. At that point, you can separate your addon domain names into their own accounts manually. While there are no tools to automate this process, you may find the following document on manual migrations useful:

Manual Migrations

It includes information on where email data is stored, which should help you move it from one account to another. If moving data manually, remember to update the ownership of the files afterward.

Thank you.