Jun 11, 2006

I have a linux dedicated, CentOS 4.3 and HSPComplete. This is my "old server".

I have another linux dedicated, also with CentOS 4.3 but with cPanel. This is my "new server".

I kept the old server for about a week after getting the new one, running both boxes alongside each other but now I want to get rid of the old one and keep the new one.

Trouble is I have 2 email accounts on the old server which, although I have recreated on the new server, are empty. Does anyone know a way in which I can move email from the old server to the new one. There are about 350 messages total so forwarding to self isn't really an option.

Eg. If the mail were stored in a MySQL database it could be easily backed up and restored.

Any help is much appreciated!