moving fantastico apps to non fantastico server


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Apr 11, 2005
OK I'm getting a little nervous here.. I am getting ready to fire up a new dedicated server.. I had cpanel installed on it to ease the migration of 76 domains which that mission has been accomplished..

Like I said I am ready to fire this baby up live maybe tomorrow.. but all of a sudden I am fearful the 9 or so apps that were originally installed with fantastico will not run on a machine without it.. Specifically I have 3 instances of dew links, 2 osCommerce, 3 phpBB's, 1 moodle

I am almost positive all of them were installed with Fantastico.. possibly one of the phpBB's was with the cpanel built in apps maybe one of the osCommerce also..

Fantastico makes life very difficult to install the package on a dedicated that is not a VPS from what the host people tell me.

Am I going to have any trouble when the sites go live on the new server??? Right now I cannot bring the pages for these apps up.. I get redirected to the currently live server.