Moving from a single cpanel account to a VPS with WHM, can I move addon accounts?


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Jan 15, 2007
I've outgrown my current shared hosting setup and have been generally frustrated at the lack of control I have over the server. In light of this, I bought a VPS with cPanel/WHM and have been setting it up and testing it for a while now. I got ASSP installed and it's pretty cool. I've got it to the point where I'd like to start migrating stuff off the old shared server.

Now the tough part comes. Since I have only that one cPanel account, I've been using addon domains for all of my other websites/email. I know I can simply move the one cPanel account on the shared server to a new account on my VPS, but I'd like to split them up, now that I have the chance to do so.

Is there any easy way to move an addon domain (and it's associated website, email, mysql) to its own account?


Aug 8, 2006
It's really up to you on how you want to do that. In my mind i would first transfer the whole sha-bang in Whm or with the pkgaccts script. After the move is complete to the VPS make sure you have a backup of the email accounts/website content for the addon domain. Then remove it from the primary account, and recreate it as a new account in WHM. Importing the mail will be a little tricky but im pretty sure that just recreating the email accounts and copying the saved mail over should be fine. I've done that a few times with other customers. Just make sure to check your mail perms on the mail after the copying.

There's really no point on trying to separate the accounts before the move, it would just make for more work on your part with two transfers.