Moving from Ensim 3.1 to Cpanel


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May 26, 2003
OK, Guys, I feel like making the change from Ensim to Cpanel.

But I need you guys to help me with a few questions:

- Does Cpanel implement Protected CHrooted Environments? What was good with Ensim was the fact that each site admin was confined to their own environment and could not navigate though the server to see domains and other information that pertains to other users. How is this with Cpanel?

- What is the difference betweem WebHost Manager (WHM) and CPanel? Do they come bundled togetner under the same Licence or do you have to purchase them seperately?

- If they do come together, does the Rackshack Licence cover them both?

- How big is the Cpanel support community? One of the strengths of Ensim is that it is backed by a very generous support community. Can we expect same for Cpanel?

- I saw that there is a slave drive option that Rackshack offers. This option allows someone to install Cpanel on the main drive and send Ensim to the slave drive. Then one can import things from the Ensim drive to the Cpanel Drive. If I choose this option, will I be able to use the import feature of Cpanel to import my sites from the Ensim drive to the Cpanel Drive? My problem is that I see that Cpanel has an import features that convert sites from Ensim to Cpanle format. However, this features seems to be for importing from a different server. I am not sure if it can be used between two drive on the same server. If so, How?

Thansk for your help guys. Support Ticket Number: