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Jan 8, 2012
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I have three servers to transfer from both are setup the same but one Ensim has an issue please see logs below.

Starting “TRANSFER” for “Account” “usernamehere^site12” → “usernamehere”.
Copy Destination: /home
Remote server type: “ensim”.
Initiating process to package the account over SSH (Secure Shell) connection …
Packaging the account with the command: /scripts/ usernamehere^site12 '' --split --compressed --mysql 5.6 --allow-multiple …

ERROR: Unknown option: compressed
ERROR: Unknown option: mysql

enXim DNS is
logfile is: /home/cpmove-usernamehere-1522440393.log
enXim setting up homedir symlinks...Done
enXim Copying Ensim user /var/www data into home directory...Done
enXim Copying contact email...Done
enXim Copying SSL certificates, bundles and keys...Done
enXim Copying Bandwidth Data...Done
enXim Copying Webalizer data...Done
enXim Copying mail access lists...Done
enXim Converting mail aliases...Done
enXim Copying subusers...Done
enXim Copying HTTP logs...Done
enXim Copying FTP logs...Done
enXim Grabbing mysql grants...Done
enXim Copying home directory...Done
enXim Copying subdomains...Done
enXim Creating cpuser file...Done
enXim Setting up user shell...Done
enXim Copying quota info...Done
enXim Copying shadow password data...Done
enXim Copying web content...Done

ERROR: Permission denied at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/lib/Filesys/POSIX/Real/ line 189
ERROR: Filesys::POSIX::Real::Directory::eek:pen('Filesys::POSIX::ReducedPrivileges::Directory=HASH(0x9c39678)') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/lib/Filesys/POSIX/ReducedPrivileges/ line 75
ERROR: Filesys::POSIX::ReducedPrivileges::Directory::__ANON__() called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/lib/Try/ line 81
ERROR: eval {...} called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/lib/Try/ line 72
ERROR: Try::Tiny::try('CODE(0x98db964)', 'Try::Tiny::Catch=REF(0x9c33168)') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/lib/Filesys/POSIX/ReducedPrivileges/ line 88
ERROR: Filesys::POSIX::ReducedPrivileges::Directory::__ANON__('Filesys::POSIX::ReducedPrivileges::Directory=HASH(0x9c39678)') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/lib/Filesys/POSIX/Userland/ line 147
ERROR: eval {...} called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/lib/Filesys/POSIX/Userland/ line 147
ERROR: Filesys::POSIX::Userland::Find::find('Cpanel::Pkgacct::Archive=HASH(0x98147a0)', 'CODE(0x9888790)', 'fs/user/home/virtual/site12/fst/var/www/html') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/scripts/ line 1983
ERROR: Script::Pkgacct::enXim::convert_all_htaccess_files('Script::Pkgacct::enXim=HASH(0x9801ba0)') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/scripts/ line 1439
ERROR: Script::Pkgacct::enXim::script('Script::Pkgacct::enXim=HASH(0x9801ba0)') called at /tmp/.perl-ppk-h83Z9q/scripts/ line 45

enXim Converting password protected directories...
Target “/home” on host “” has 3.54 TB free and requires at least 0 bytes free, which includes space for temporary files.
WARNING: The remote server failed to send the location of the transfer archive.
WARNING: Attempting to guess the location of the remote transfer archive.
Fetching md5sum of “/home/cpmove-usernamehere^site12.tar.gz” from the remote server … …
Removing copied archive on remote server. …
Failed: The remote execution of “” failed, or the requested account, “usernamehere^site12”, was not found on the server: “”.

In these logs webp7 is cpanel and webp2 is ensim.
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Apr 17, 2013
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WARNING: The remote server failed to send the location of the transfer archive.
The package created on the remote server is not available to fetch it and this is the main reason for it. Please check the remote server logs to see for more details on why the package is not available for transfer..


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Jun 20, 2007
Cardiff, UK
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How big is the account on the Ensim server? If it's more than a couple of Gb then it probably will fail from our previous experience. If this is the case, you'll need to package up the account manually on the Ensim server and then transfer that across to import into cPanel. We migrated thousands of accounts from Ensim to cPanel a few years back so if you get stuck and need a hand, let me know and I'll happily take a look for you.


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Feb 10, 2003
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Likely there is a file/directory that has ownership or permissions set wrong that is causing pkgacct-enXim to fail. As Infopro mentioned we would be glad to migrate the account(s) for you. If you want to migrate the account(s), we could take a look why the account is not packaging. Please open a ticket with us either way if we can be of assistance.
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