Sep 27, 2011
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
So I know there is a linux way and a cpanel way of doing everything. I want to stop using the .htaccess files on my VPS and move those directives into the httpd.conf load. I know I can simply edit the httpd.conf file and run the distiller, but I also ran accross this Changes Contained within a VirtualHost Directive which shows how to use include files... which sounds kinda like what I am trying to accomplish.

I am a bit confused. First does anyone use those include files for their directives? second, if a site uses both ssl and none, do I need to setup two directories with the same conf files for each site? Say I have a store that only uses https on certain php file loads like the cart, does that mean I need to setup two seperate directories as per that guidance with the same directive conf files?

Has anyone done this?