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Nov 18, 2002
All over!
I am going to be moving my current server data to a new faster one on the same network with the same software. The old (current) server has 2 - 80gig IDE hard drives (1 main & 1 as a backup) & the new server will have 1 - 80gig SCSI hard drive as the main one & 1 - 80gig IDE hard drive as a backup.

I would like to know if anyone out there has had experience doing this & if so I would like to hire you to help me make the move. I have quite a few tweaks & changes that have been done to Linux/Apache & I would like the new server setup the same way. Please let me know if anyone out there can help me out. Thanks in advance. Support Ticket Number:


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Apr 25, 2003
I am about to change noc's (different countries) and want to copy my current setup to an IDE disk of the same specs and partitions onto this new disk then send the existing box with the new hdd preloaded to the new noc.

What is the best way to copy disks? (the new disk has the OS (identical setup) on it but no whm/cpanel installed).
cpanel are going to issue a temporary license for the move. :)

Once the server is in the new noc I will need to syncronise the data from the old box to the new to account for changes in the 2 or 3 day gap, how can this be achieved?

thanks :D Support Ticket Number: