Moving to a new VPS without downtime


May 27, 2008
I have a small VPS running centos with WHM/cPanel with under 20 accounts. I'm about to move to VPS with a new host to increase space and save money. I'm primarily a webdesigner with just enough linux server knowledge to be dangerous and don't want to mess this up. My goal is to move everything with zero downtime for my clients. Here's what I have in mind and I want to know if this will work.

1. Set-up new server with same host name and nameservers as existing VPS ( :confused: not sure if this will be possible)

2. transfer all accounts using the "copy multiple accounts" feature in WHM

3. test accounts using http://NEW.IP.ADDRESS/~accountname

3. change the IP addresses of nameservers at my domain registrar

My thinking is that while the new nameserver IPs propogate, the http will be served from either the old or new vps. I figure that I can drop the old VPS after four days. The only concern I have is lost email during propogation period. I'm hoping that someone will tell me if this will work or walk me through a better way to do this?


Dec 11, 2010
This will work, but to avoid downtime you should lower the TTL for all domains and nameservers to something like 600. After you've moved all accounts, change the IP in the DNS on your 'old' VPS for all domains to the new IP and (as you said) change your nameserver IP's at your registrar.