Moving to new WHM Server - Need Advice


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Oct 20, 2006
ok gang, we are moving to some new hardware but keeping the current IP's from our host. Current WHM is on auto update up to latest stable version. Is there a detailed tutorial that we can use to help us with the migration? I guess I need to set up WHM for the first time and was looking for tips, security tweaks that we should put in place and how to configure the IPs and name servers properly etc...

Our data center will provide us 1 IPv6 IP as well in addition to the usual IPv4's. Can anyone share a link to a tutorial where we can set the new server up ourselves? I am hoping WHM is at the point where we can do most of the grunt work to get things going. Then hire a security company to tweak and harden the server after it is up and running.

Any tips, tutorials and what to watch out for would be most appreciated.


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Apr 11, 2011