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Dec 24, 2003
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Installing MRTG (Easy steps)

1. rpm -e mrtg (It should come back with: error: package mrtg is not installed)
2. cd /usr/src
3. wget
4. cd /usr/lib
5. mv
6. ln -s
7. pico /etc/sysconfig/i18n
8. change LANG to LANG="en_US"
9. Start and stop MTRG several times ignoring errors ... service mrtg start/stop/restart
10. chkconfig --add mrtg
11. Now check http://YourMainIP/mrtg/

# Ok, once you have restarted (3-5 times) there is a couple more things we have to do.
# We need to tell up2date to NOT update MRTG or it will crash and destroy all we have done.

12. up2date --configure
13. Now find where it says "pkgSkipList" and type the number directly to the left of it (normally 8 or 9) eg : kernel -> kernel*; mrtg*; - > enter -> enter. Thats it.

You can also check for more info.