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MSRP... or something like that.. :-(

Discussion in 'E-mail Discussion' started by hostserve, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. hostserve

    hostserve Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2006
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    Good morning folks,

    I have been chatting with cpanel tech support but gotten nothing except for frustrated with them... saddly some of the cpanel staff are amazing and some don't want to answer any questions...

    I have a bunch of cpanel servers and being a regular hosting company we are trying to get the most possible usage out of our servers, but I don't want to push the gear past what it can do, because the customers hosting experience goes down hill and that is not what we are looking for.

    I'm seeing a LOT of failed e-mail messages stats that range from 9% of messages all the way to 29.7% of messages with at least one failure. I'm also seeing a large range of message delays when it comes to messages in the queue

    (These stats are over the last 16 hours)

    Time spent on the queue: all messages
    Time Messages Percentage Cumulative Percentage
    Under 1m 56092 82.0% 82.0%
    5m 626 0.9% 83.0%
    15m 416 0.6% 83.6%
    30m 438 0.6% 84.2%
    1h 281 0.4% 84.6%
    3h 1238 1.8% 86.4%
    6h 1248 1.8% 88.3%
    12h 2731 4.0% 92.2%
    1d 4634 6.8% 99.0%
    Over 1d 668 1.0% 100.0%

    the reality is that these messages are in the thousands... like 4634 messages are waiting over a day in the queue...

    What could be causing this?

    Is there a "best practices" guide out there somewhere that someone knows of that says "if you have xx domains on a server for best performace you should have x ram x cpu and config your mail server this way or at the point you start to reach xx clients on a server or xx number of e-mail messages you should start thinking about adding an outbound e-mail gateway to help reduce load on your server and provide better more reliable service to your customers?

    ANY suggestions or advice or thought processes would be great please... Cpanel's response was "its up to the host to make that decision"... which I already knew... but it would be good to have some ideas on where to start or what suggestions others might have so I can begin to develope an intelligent thought process on how to deal with this.

    Thanks in advance for your time
  2. chirpy

    chirpy Well-Known Member

    Jun 15, 2002
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    Go on, have a guess
    The problem with gauging performance for expansion is that every single case will be different. Two servers with exactly the same hardware could have different profiles such that one server can only handle a handful of domains, while the other could handle hundreds.

    The only way you can really judge is to install a trend graphing application (e.g. MRTG graphs, munin, etc) and use the graph data to identify when more accounts were added and how performance was affected. You can then get some idea as to how much more you can add before you need to upgrade hardware, move to a more powerful server or get another server to expand into.

    WRT email in the mail queue. You need to look through /var/log/exim_mainlog and establish why emails are being queued and why they are not being delivered. To do this you need to get the ID of a delivered or queued email and then search the log. You can use exigrep for this, e.g.:

    exigrep 1IZhvG-00048Z-P7 /var/log/exim_mainlog

    This will give you the transaction of that email through exim and will show the reasons why it was queued and/or kept in the queue.
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  3. hostserve

    hostserve Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2006
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    I figured it only fair since I was so assertive with Cpanel's support to note that Todd took the ticket over from the previous tech support rep and did an Amazing Job of not only giving me the info I was looking for, but helping me make changes to the server to make it run 100% better...

    Credit where Credit's due!

    Thanks Todd !

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