multi ftp sync in different server with cpanel tools ?


Dec 12, 2007
hi forum
i would like to know if will be possible to create a a multi web ftp account
i have cpanel and vhm like reseller in a hong kong server
i would like to create from cpanel a multi ftp sync from different server of just 1 ftp directory
i means that client can just login in cpanel, create a ftp directory and after share this directory path in a multi ftp network for allow a syncronzation with all ftp account that are in this network , something like work in syncura (
it's important that i can sync in a different server where i have different WHM and Cpanel account
my problem is that i cannot install any program like syncura because i dont' have access to server like root, so i need a portal joomla or if will be possible do it with CPANEL will be wonderfull because in all Reseller account i have choiced Cpanel
thanks to answer my question
best regard