Multiple Account Termination (TEDIOUS AS WELL)


Oct 1, 2002
Heres another tedious task that Cpanel needs to work on... Removing accounts, why must we remove them one by one...

The problem with this really lies in two things.
1. Its tedious if you have more than 25 accounts to remove.

2. If you have resellers removing packages and they dont let the script finish it damages the httpd.conf (slowly they are getting this fixed)

Plus we need a way to ban domains from our servers in WHM... I know i have had a few domains return that were supposed to be banned because of being troublemakers. (SPAM / Content). Which brings me to another thing... How about some type of plugin that watches Exim & sendmail for mass mailings and flags accounts that are doing this, then leaving us the option of dealing with SPAMMERS...