Multiple Bugs in Add IP WHM Interface


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Jun 13, 2008
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These bugs have long history with cPanel and some of them were actually fixed in 11.32 but appeared back in 11.34 and since then I am keeping track hoping next version will resolve that, but it's getting nowhere. cPanel is heading to 11.40 now and they are still there.

1. You add a CIDR such as and you will get only 2 IPs added 241 and 242. First and Last will be ignored.

2. To avoid above you can provide range like instead and it will work. Now, I tried adding an IP like and grrr.. the interface will not allow number "127" in any case at any place. I don't see any point in preventing 127 if the IP does not start with this, do you?

To remedy this I always have to add and then remove 128 from List.

These basic issues should be resolved before updating new versions.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Regressions are essentially new bugs, so it's better to open a new bug report for them via:

Submit A Bug Report

Note: Internal case 65705 is still open, however there is currently no time frame available on when a resolution will be implemented.

Thank you.