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Sep 20, 2002
Toronto, Ontario Canada
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We have now acquired virtual-hosting.com and would like to be able to have the following nameserver setup.

ns1.virtual-hosting.ca (IP Address)
ns1.virtual-hosting.com (Same IP Address)

ns2.virtual-hosting.ca (IP Address)
ns2.virtual-hosting.com (Same IP Address)

One is it possible? Two, need to clarify setting this up. As in WHM it will force a different IP, is it just a matter of modifying the zone and the /etc/nameserverips ?

I could really use some clarification on this reason being that we have found some clients having a hard time with netsol and registering the .ca nameservers on there domains.

We manage our own tld registry service so creating the initial nameservers was a no brainer. It the dealing with cpanel and handling this that is a bit of an issue.



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Aug 14, 2001
I &aliased& dns servers together for the last year or so, don't fool with any of the WHM stuff for setting up a dns server, you can edit the /etc/nameserverips file if you want, but I don't think it makes one bit of difference.

All I did was just add the appropriate DNS entries via WHM and then created the servers through the registrar, worked just fine.