Multiple problems DNS related?

Amos Hack

Jul 18, 2019
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ive changed the servers physical location several months ago and had several people try to help me.

First off after this change the subdomains webmail whm cpanel all stopped working, so it either times out, pulls a directory, or goes to the whm default error page when visiting, everything works fine when using ports to access these pages. If i create a subdomain then that seems to be working fine.

My second problem is possibly related to a dns loop, idk im really lost. ive tried using and ive spent many many hours reading and finding dead ends on foums. I cannot access the server on the local network but i can ping it. None of the server admin or websites will load at all, so to load them at home ive been using a proxy.

Ive spent a long time trying to figure out what ive messed up.
when changing server location and ip i also switched from comcast consumer internet to business. All ip changes and everything should be 100%.

I switched to light speed tonight and i didn't see a speed increase and the light speed console on whm isn't loading the word press cache page.

In the past Ive disabeled my software and hardware firewall temporary and still no luck, and i know my ip or mac isnt being blocked.

I switched to business grade internet and learned that even though port 25 is open I still cannot send email because basically every Comcast ip is blocked on spamhaus, im not sure what to do about that either.

My dns,mail and web is hosted on the same server, i know thats bad but for now its all ive got.

I was hoping having my own server would be fun and save me money but now im not so sure about that.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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Apr 11, 2011
Hello @Amos Hack,

A support ticket will allow us to better assist you here as we will be able to review the actual domains affected. Could you open a support ticket and post the ticket number here once it's open?

Thank you.