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Multiple queries

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hariskhan, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. hariskhan

    hariskhan Well-Known Member

    Apr 15, 2004
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    1) Is it possible to create FTP only accounts for customers through whm/cpanel?

    Some of my customers only want an FTP account, others only want email accounts. As far as I can tell, whm condemns people who don't specify a domain name to create for an account.

    2) Does /scripts/upcp or any other script update the web scripts, that run whm/cpanel? I see no improvement/changes in my whm/cpanel interface. (After one of my servers was re-build and got cpanel re-installed, I found the web files that run the whm/cpanel interface changed)

    3) When is cpanel going to change Reseller center to be as easy as using Windows for a layman?

    Reseller center is missing links, which one can use to configure settings for resource limits, allowing logins to shell, reseller account features

    Is it possible to revolutionize the way ACLs are created/managed in cpanel?

    For e.g., look at the mangement interface for MS ISA Server 2004. It has a central interface for;

    - Protocols
    - ACLs for traffic

    One can go and create protocols as they like (something similar can be done for ACLs?)

    One can create different objects like;

    - protocols
    - hostnames/networks/ip ranges
    - users
    - etc etc

    in different places, but group them up in one! ACL or rule.

    In this case, management of the above mentioned objects (protocols, lists of hosts, networks, ip ranges, etc, etc) is so easy, any man can create them, even a layman.

    ..and when its time for making a rule, all you have to do is just put together names of objects created to make an ACL.

    Can't we do something similar in Reseller Center in whm? The current interface makes a man do alot of R&D before they where one can make different kind of objects to put htem together here.

    While creating a resller, cpanel's web based script warns that a user can circumwent limis. Why is this so? Why hasn't cpanel controlled this fact since 3+ years?

    When is cpanel going to make the Reseller center les cumbersome
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  2. dalem

    dalem Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2003
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    DataCenter Provider
    not sure if they need web access for a domain you did not specify just create a addon domain in a existing account or create account with your ftp manager the domain in which the account lives does not need a real domain ( and connect via IP


    its called mod throttlle install it

    reseller ACL's create them
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  3. hariskhan

    hariskhan Well-Known Member

    Apr 15, 2004
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    Further specification

    They don't need web access. They only need ftp access. They have a special requirement;

    => They want one user account which can only upload into the account ..and not be able to download
    => But they want to have access to Another account which can use do normal ftp up/down from this account

    I have created a unix account on fbsd 5.4 server for them. But pure-ftpd is not using pam as a means for auth, so it is not able to login to the server.

    I believe FTP Manager can help but it does no provide me interface to configure special upload/download permissions

    4) While creating features list, I encountered;

    I created a feature list named 'starter', disabled the user from accessing anything! (unchecked all related options) related to;

    - FTP Manager

    Then I created an account with a package that supported this feature list.

    FTP Manager was showing up in the cpanel login for the account. But! there was no option under it. My Q is;

    - Why show up FTP Manager in the user cpanel when I disabled it in the feature list?

    Another problem I encountered was, when "Cluster/Remote Access" showed up in a reseller's WHM panel. Why does it show up there, when I haven't configured it to be there? Default out of the box config?

    I can only deduce that;

    - Feature list
    - Reseller panel

    are a 'work in progress' yet? The way these options show up in whm/cpanel interface, it looks as if cpanel was just launched in the market.

    Common! guys, cpanel has been in the market for 4-5 years now. Why haven't you fixed these minor bugs yet? Please!! fix them now.

    => Should I file a bug?

    5) How can I create ftp accounts in pure-ftpd on cli?

    Neither does pure-ftpd (that comes with cpanel) use PAMAuthentication, nor does it use UNIXAuthentication. It uses pure-authd, which is oblivious to me.

    a) How and where can I configure/setup an FTP account in pureftpd?
    b) How and where can I setup upload, download permissions, rule-sets to configure the special requirement of my client?
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