Apr 26, 2018
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Hello everyone.

I would like to get an idea about a bit general DNS configuration for Multiple servers under a main domain for figure out DNS-Additional Servers and with DOMAIN Host/Childnames.

- I checked many topics but not %100 compatible or not contains the information I expected.
+ I'm using ResellerClub for register domain. If you use ResellerClub, you probably in this hive now to understand what i mention about DNS/NS/Host redirection.

let's begin the scenario. purchased by resellerclub.
I purchased a three VPS. I install whm in first server. I installed another whm in second server and i installed an another hosting software like cpanel on third server

I login resellerclub configuration page at second step and I add records like at below in ChildName Server area what i want to try

----- question now comes to this point ----
generally way is typically use this first server records, adding hostnames and nameserver under domain and use same ns name to redirect domain. (Let's name this method as GENERIC) such as ->
Firstly, place the nameserver fields to redirect domain like:,

and update hostname on server with whm like

and link ip address to ns1, in whm 'Basic Configuration' again.
So this is ok.

however, when need to host maindomain on an another hosting/server, moreover, redirect child/hostnames under multiple different servers to host other domains on the other machines, problem occurs on my side.

second server is working when i add ns/a records on first domain dns zone (if I build system like at first step way GENERIC). Resellerclub HOST NAME option goes out of service after link primary server on domain with NS

I actually try to make architecture like has to work on one cdn hosting and I want to add 3-4 servers under domain to provide other domains with hosting softwares without any DNS zone from customservers or control from hosting dns zone.

using primary cpanel dns zone cause TTFB (strange but yes) when requesting server, it looks first query always goes primary server and read DNS records from primary to send second server. Maybe I'm wrong.

That is the reason I really want to see you ways to manage multiple servers under maindomain to manage different servers without server DNS zones

Is there anyone succesfully use kind of similar way to manage multiple servers under a maindomain?

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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I'm not sure I completely follow what you're trying to configure, but I'll give an outline of some of the normal configurations.

-It is completely normal to setup servers as you have described. You just have to remember where the DNS for is managed so you can add the appropriate ns and A records as you create new nameservers.
-cPanel offers a DNS Cluster system so you can create one pair of nameservers, and then link multiple WHM servers to it, simplifying the DNS management and distributing the load across multiple machines

If you can get me more details on the specific issue you're seeing I'd be happy to recommend a specific solution.