Multiple Shared IPs *without having to use multiple reseller accounts?


Apr 22, 2007
Multiple Shared IPs *without having to use multiple reseller accounts?

I have 5 usable IPs all ready to go. I need to have most of them set up as shared IPs.

I have been looking for hours for a better solution but the only thing i can seem to find is the reseller account option. That is... setting up reseller accounts and assigning them a shared IP for each additional shared IP that i want to use.

This is not the best solution for me. I do not want all of these multiple accounts belonging just to me to manage all of my domains. I have just switched from Plesk to WHM/cPanel and in Plesk this is a very easy task. There has got to be a better way to do this in WHM/cPanel.

I am not even a big fan of having to use a different username for each domain. I would reeeealy just prefer one username for all of my domains. At least it is nice that i can change ownership of each domain all to one user.

Is there any work around so that i can have multiple shared IPs *without having to set up a reseller account for each additional IP i want to share?

I had the idea to just add some domains to the main shared IP and then change the shared IP and then add some more domains to the new shared IP, etc. But i was afraid that would screw things up. For example... if the main shared IP is .01 with 10 domains and then i change the main shared IP to .02 to set up 10 more domains... i fear that might then screw up the multiple domains on .01. I hope that makes sense. Is this a plausible method so that i may keep all of the domains under the same owner? Or... is there another way?

After having read soooo many requests and help threads over the past couple of hours looking to do the same thing, i am fairly surprised this feature has not been added as a standard option.

This is driving me nuts. :confused: Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

I hope that all makes sense. Having re-read it, it seems a little hard to decipher. If i have to use reseller accounts for this i suppose i could change ownership of each domain to my main account if that is possible for cPanel sign in purposes. But i still much prefer a better method.

I thought of another quick question too, although the answer i'm sure is not quick if possible. When i sign in to cPanel for an account that own multiple domains, there is a drop down with all of the other domains for that owner. However when i click on a different domain to manage, that box disappears. I'm sure it is because the account that i have switched to has no ownership privileges, but... Is there any way to keep this option? It is soooo much easier for multiple domain management to be able to switch back and forth between domains.*forget this one i figured it out. If i access cPanel from "List Accounts" in WHM i can keep the drop down list. :) It's too bad that i can't just sign into cPanel's login as root to get the same affect, but at least it can be done.

Plesk was just sooo much easier to deal with. Don't get me wrong. I love the power of WHM/cPanel. It is just tricky to find my way around. I'm sure i will get used to it quickly though. ;)
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Nov 1, 2003
This is a question that has been asked for years... the bottom line is from everything I have gathered, is you are doomed to have to setup a reseller account for each and every IP you want to use to be shared, and create that account under that IP.

The alternative is to manually edit the main shared IP to the new one you want to use everytime you want to create a new account... but in a live reseller environment where accounts could be created at any time, this is obviously impractical.

I don't see why Cpanel will not allow you to simply have multiple IPs available to be shared and just select them during setup the same way dedicated IPs are done.

Perhaps there is a hack out there for this that I am not aware of.. if so, please lead the way!