Multiple SSL sites with shared IPs


Sep 24, 2005
I have WHM/cPanel 11.25 and I'm trying to use the include files to get this web config to work, but I'm about ready to give up and just manage httpd.conf manually.

I have 3 main domains,, and Each has a subdomain 'stage' - eg,

All 3 main domains share a docroot, and all three subdomains share another docroot. Each main domain has its own IP address which is shared by the corresponding 'stage' subdomain. I want each domain on port 443, and each subdomain on 444. So the whole thing looks like this: = x.x.x.100:443 = x.x.x.100:444 = x.x.x.200:443 = x.x.x.200:444 = x.x.x.300:443 = x.x.x.300:444

I'm getting NameVirtualHosts warnings and port mixing warnings, and some weird resolutions - resolves to the main docroot, even though it looks the same as the other two subs, which resolve correctly.

I've been managing apache servers for years, and everything looks like it should work, but it doesn't. The include files make it all pretty cumbersome, but they look right.

Anybody got suggestions?


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Mar 26, 2010
There could be an Alias somewhere messing things up.
grep  /usr/local/apache/conf -ri
Other than that I can't think of anything.

There are just too many ways one could go about setting this up.

If you give us a bit more info as to how you are trying this, I'm sure that we can help.

How these domains were configured on the server, httpd.conf content, dns information, etc.

This kind of things are not very difficult but they are messy and confusing so we need as much data as possible in order to help out.
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