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Multiple websites in cPanel

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by braginsoftware, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. braginsoftware

    braginsoftware Registered

    Sep 16, 2009
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    Hello everyone,

    Sorry if that post was already but I can’t find it.
    I just got my dedicated with WHM/cPanel installed and the problem is that I have few domains registered with GoDaddy and now I want to create an account for myself with unlimited websites option and place my few sites to that single account but I can’t find out how can I organize that in my case.

    I created a package with unlimited websites option, then I created tree folders in my www folder and placed the websites code in each one of them:


    Now I have tree domain names registered on Godaddy, for example:

    1.How can I manage those domains in my cPanle on my own dedicated server?
    2.I’m planning to create my own hosting company, so is it possible to transfer those domain to be under my control somehow?
    3.How can I add domains in my cPanel account?
    4. How can I add multiple sites on cPanel? I really see no options for that..
    5. Is there anything to do with DNS servers records? What if I input my own DNS server names in GoDaddy for my domains?

    Too much of questions, I know, but all I need is to be able to redirect each domain to a diffirent website on my cPanel account.

    Can someone please give me any links to any documentations?

    Thank a million in advance.
  2. Spiral

    Spiral BANNED

    Jun 24, 2005
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    If you want to create multiple web sites and have different content for
    each domain, you can setup the domains as either "ADD-ON" domains
    under a single Cpanel account or just set them up under their own
    separate hosting accounts which is what I would do if you own the
    server as this is easier to manager and a bit neater.

    If you want to have the same content for each domain such as one
    website being accessible by different domain names then you would
    setup the additional domains as "PARKED" domains on a Cpanel account.

    That's a rhetorical question! Managing domains and hosting accounts is what Cpanel does!

    If you are asking how to setup accounts, there are 2 interfaces to Cpanel ...

    The WHM (Web Hosting Manager) on pert 2086 and 2087 is the administrative front end for Cpanel for setting up accounts and managing the physical server machine. The end user Cpanel interface is on port 2082 and 2083.

    What do you mean "under your control"? You can manage your domains
    at your registrar -- Go Daddy as you mentioned in this case --- and setup
    your domains to use with any hosting provider (including yourself).

    If you mean, can you become a registrar and sell domains, yes but this not a function of Cpanel or your being a hosting provider in and of itself. There are a number of domain reseller programs out there such as ENOM and Wild West Domains (Go Daddy's Reseller Program).

    You could also become a direct registrar but you may not want to know what that costs because it is very expensive to become a direct registrar.

    You can set any limits you want to the accounts you create.

    In practical application, I would try to limit most servers to no more
    than around 500 domains maximum per server and 10 to 15 domains
    per account else you might run into some very heavy load issues
    which is an "average typical server" estimate and would vary greatly
    depending on your specific server resources.

    Under Cpanel (the end user interface), it is ADD-ON domains!

    Under WHM (the administrator interface), create a new Cpanel account!

    Yes, most data centers will allow you to setup DNS servers from your dedicated / VPS server and Cpanel supports this function.

    You would need to register the IP addresses of your server as DNS servers
    at your registrar (At Go Daddy, Add Host (Bottom Left of Screen)) and then setup your domain to actually use the DNS server hosts you create as the authoritative servers for the domain name. On the server side, you would need to setup the corresponding zone files.
  3. braginsoftware

    braginsoftware Registered

    Sep 16, 2009
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    Thank You so much for Your time and affords! Your answer is so detailed and helpful! It was hard to guess that the multisite option is called ADDON because I spent too much with GoDaddy :)

    Thanks a million once again buddy!!
    The problem is solved and everything is understood,
    Good luck and thank you,

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