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Sep 23, 2009
Lusby, Maryland, United States
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I used the WHM interface to install Munin onto all 3 of my servers (2 are DNS-Only). After the install, all three Munin installs looked good via their individual WHM interfaces.

If I gracefully reboot my primary server, it will stop reporting on MySQL. If I reinstall Munin, it will start working again. The same is not true for Exim Mail Throughput. That hasn't worked since about 6 hours after the initial install.

In addition to that, my primary server is not properly receiving stats from the one DNS-Only server. It did at first, but quit after a reinstall. It registers that it exists, but doesn't populate the graphs. If I look at that server's WHM, it is populated there.

Thoughts on where I could troubleshoot the problem?


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Mar 7, 2006
I think this is a problem with starting sequence of MySQL and Munin daemons.
Munin is starting before MySQL so it couldn't monitor MySQL.
You can restart Munin after a system reboot or you can change the daemon start sequence from /etc/rcX.d (X is the runlevel of your server. generally 3)