Mutiple nameservers, same IP address, DNS only server


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Dec 13, 2002
Hi all,

Just want to confirm the following setup with others who'd know.

I have just setup a 'DNS only' server and clustered my web server to it. All seems to be working fine.

Originally my two core nameservers (ns1/ns2.hostname) pointed to different IP addresses on the web server. I've now updated ns2.hostname so it points to my 'DNS only' server, leave ns1.hostname still at my web server.

I just want to confirm what to do with my reseller's secondary nameserver. I have 'disableipnscheck' in the cPanel config set so I can use multiple nameservers on the same IP address.

I just want to confirm it is safe and fine to point ns2.resellerdomains to my 'DNS only' IP address (the same IP address ns2.hostname is pointing to)?

I believe this will work fine, as long as ns2.resellerdomain is registered with the registrar and the A record updated accordingly. This also seems practical and efficient to me (saving IPs). So just seeking reassurance firstly as to whether this will work fine, and secondly whether this is bad configuration (parking nameservers at the same IP address).

Many thanks.
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Oct 2, 2010
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You can certainly put multiple nameservers onto the same IP address.

The issue that is going to happen with this will be that the IP can only have one PTR record for rDNS (reverse DNS) and that PTR will probably show your DNS for it depending on how you have it set up.

Next, if anyone queries a nameserver registry, the multiple nameservers associated will show up.

Neither of these are an issue for a regular domain most times, but most resellers don't want their clients to know they are reselling. Basically, due to using the same IP for their nameservers, the reseller clients can backtrack who is the actual host. Resellers typically prefer to be considered the host and not reselling for another host.