mx entry question in WHM's DNS Zone


Apr 20, 2004
Client contacted their old host provider regarding accessing her two email accounts with them AFTER already transferring her domain to me. They said:

Your hosting provider does not appear to have the MX and CNAME entries setup correctly within their Zone file for your Domain. You will need to contact your hosting provider and have them add 4 records to the zone file for your domain name.

These records to modify are:

MX Modifications:

MX 10
MX 50

Cname modifications: mapped to mapped to

Now, I'm fairly new to the tech side of MX and CNAME so please help me on this. I truly appreciate it.

In WHM it looks like this for "edit dns zone"

"Add New Entries Below This Line"

(blank field) 14400 (in) (drop down list: mx, a, and so on) (blank field) (blank field) (blank field)

What goes where exactly? Thanks.