MX, non-existent hosts

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Jul 18, 2021
Perth, Australia
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Hi guys,

I'm having a very strange issue and I'm not sure where it's originating from.

I just migrated a friend + email account(s) to my reseller account as my first "client" (Yay!!)

Set up DNS according to the below:
A record (mail.XXXX) pointing to the IP of the server
MX record (XXXX) pointing to (mail.XXXX) with a priority of 10.

When I've tried to send an email from my reseller Cpanel (attached to my domain. etc) I get non-delivery according to the attached.

Is it possible because we are in the same "data center" that my email is finding the server before leaving the local network?

Is there another way to set this up? it's the same as how I've set my domain up through Cloudflare and it works flawlessly.

Thanks in advance.




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Oct 19, 2014
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Congrats on the first client!!!

I don't believe that error would be caused by being in the same datacenter. I'd expect mail to work just fine in the same datacenter or network.

I'd recommend checking the DNS for the domain using an external tool like intoDNS: checks DNS and mail servers health to see if you can find a DNS issue there, as there seems to be an issue with the MX record itself according to the error message provided.