My BlueHost site is forcing HTTPS now, want it back to what I type (not .htaccess file)


Jul 10, 2022
New York
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I'm on a hosted/shared server with BlueHost. One of my web pages is a dashboard where I can see the status of several different pieces of equipment all on the same page. The pages uses iframes and cross site references which don't work with an SSL connection. I had the site previously setup so I could connect through http or https which ever I typed into the browser.

Something changed over the weeken and everything is now redirected to https.

I thought it may have been a change to the .htaccess file so I replaced it with an older working copy, but that didnt help. Infact if I add a rewrite rule to it to force http the site doesn't load at all.

BlueHost changed something over the weekend and after spending 2 hours on the phone with them we were not able to track down what has changed.

I dont see anything in the .htaccess file or on the redirect page that would cause this.

Any ideas what has changed and how to change it back?

it is a simple hand coded site (not WordPress, or anything)


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Sep 21, 2015
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As you are on shared hosting, I would suggest you to report this to your hosting provider as they will be able to investigate this further. Usually the force HTTPS redirection configured in the htaccess or via cPanel > Domains there is an option next to the domain "Force HTTPS Redirect". If that setting is turned ON in the Domains page, then turn it off and see if that helps. Otherwise, it could be configured at the Vhost or HTTPD level which could only handle by your Host.


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Jan 26, 2016
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open a ticket with them, asking them to not force the HTTPS on your website, or asking to be possible to visit your website with just http://

they should be able to help with that.