My database is all ways deleted after two or 3 days


Jul 18, 2020
dr congo
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Hello every body, i'm an administrator of a website witch use a Dedicated Server, i have a problem with it:

I have one database called: 'myusernam_database1' and sometime to make test to know if it work well, i copy the 'myusernam_database1' to 'test' for just test, after test i dont delete the 'test' database but after two or more days when i log to my WHM again, i can not see it, i try it 4 times and it deleted itself.

Is there someone to help me to know how the 'test' database it delete itself?

NOTE: 1/ When i do that, i use the WHM Phpmyadmin, i dont log to cpanel.
2/ "Require a username prefix on names of new databases and database users [?]" is ON in WHM
3/ 'myusernam_database1' is created when i logged to CPANEL
4/ Today it happen when i update my whm&cpanel to version
5/ i can say happen everytime when i update WHM& cpanel but i dont know

Please sorry for my english i speak french.

Have a great day to all.


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! Are you saying that you are creating the database through PHPMyAdmin directly? If so, it is likely not properly associated with the cPanel user, which is why it does not appear in cPanel. You could manually check the files in /var/lib/mysql to see if that database is still present.