my hacking problem, please help me


May 19, 2004
Dear cpanel support and members,

my tgp site is hacked by a group before about 4 days ago. I dont know why did they do this but it made me sick

I really
wonder if they hack my website again after i put it back soon.

I must be sure for the security.
Do you think what can be the problem? I haven't make any updates for my WHM and i saw an update header on my whm main page when i check it after getting hacked. Do you think it can be the problem? Or maybe enabling annonymous ftp? or Front page extension?

I want to tell you more about that hacking anyway for finding the exact problem. I was hosting 2 of my sites on my dedicated server. and . I tried to connect to my ftp but i couldn't. Because password have been changed by hacker. Then i entered to WHM page. It didn't give me password error and i logged in. Then changed ftp password for But that hacker changed my ftp password for back after about 20 minutes. But this time he has hacked one of my other domains too. That's all of the story.

I hope we both can find the problem on my server. I really need to know that info for not getting hacked by them again in the future.

Any opinions or ideas?



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Apr 18, 2003
Lewisville, Tx
This is not a Cpanel issue, this is an unsecured problem. I suggest you employ one of the great services such as or for securing your server. A basic install is not secured against exploits and it is not a Cpanel issue.