My Host is not providing cpanel information


Oct 4, 2013
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Hello Everyone,
I just need your support and help because I don't know what to do in the current situation. I bought a domain (REMOVED) few months ago, I was starting from the scratch so I thought it would be great to host it on a friend's server, which I did. I pushed the domain on his server and hired people for postings and other stuff. The website was not growing at all but few months later it started to get required amount of exposure. In the beginning I had a deal with my host, he's also my friend so he gave me a package and a 100% discounted coupon that was valid for five domains. With the passage of time my website began to consume more bandwidth and it's when I decided to shift it to another server.
I talked with my friend and told that I wanted to transfer the website but he said 'you don't need to do it, I will provide more space for you, he provide me extra bandwidth later.' But few days later my website again had the same issue and I told him that it would be good for both of us if we shift the website to other server, my other friend is having a dedicated server. I requested the host to provide me cpanel and ftp details because the details which he provided earlier were not working, he had also reset the password without letting me know about it. I got angry and I asked him two days ago to share the details because I want to transfer the website, in response he updated my hosting account and asked me to pay all the dues which were above 300 usd, he breached the contract. If he wanted me to pay for the service he he might not have provided me a 100 discounted hosting service. I can't make much of this whole situation. He disabled my wp-admin account and refused to share the password of ftp and cp.

Last night I was sick and couldn't talk to him, he reactivated the account and had his support team send me a message that all dues have been cancelled and wp-admin has been restored I can continue to use their service but I am not allowed to transfer the website and if i do so they will suspend my account, to transfer it I have to pay all the dues (which is foolish, it's cheating). According to the agreement I am not bound to pay the dues because we had a deal and now in the middle of somewhere when my site is growing a little he is charging me for the past services, do you think it's fair? What should I do in the given situation?

I still want to transfer my website but my host is not providing me cpanel details, I don't even have login info of cpanel, tell me what to do. He has clearly said that if i will do the transfer they will suspend my account, i will share the details here. Please give me a piece of advice or guide me what to do.


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Unfortunately, it's not possible to transfer an account without at least the cPanel username/password. If you have FTP access, you could manually download the files and then upload them to the destination server manually. You may want to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney for assistance with understanding your rights or what action to pursue.

Thank you.


Oct 8, 2013
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One route I would go is try to install a backup plugin in your Wordpress site. I don't use Wordpress but most backup plugins should backup your files as well as your database (which is where all of your content is stored). You then might have an option to download the backup file it produces by using your browser and then restore it on a new server.

However, your domain will still be an issue if he has control of it in which case Michaels advice about seeking assistance would be my next step.

Good luck,