My HTML files are been deleted & FormMail Clone:Disabled by System Admin


Sep 30, 2011
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Good day fellow members in the forum, I would love somebody to help me solve this problem. I just discovered that almost my html files are been deleted from the cpanel. I uploaded these files again but discovered that these files have been deleted again and on and on it goes until I am fed up? Please what do you think is happening? Second, I just purchased a hosting space but this one does not permit my FormMail work. It says "FormMail Clone: The System Administrator has disabled this script" Yes, that is the message. I contacted my hosting provider but they seems not known anything about CGI execution they just reply that I should use php to do my form. I don't know anything about php configuration. Please what can I do? Waiting for sincere answers. Thanks Opengates.


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May 20, 2003
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Re: My HTML files are been deleted & FormMail Clone:Disabled by System Admi

First thing you might do is set a much stronger password to insure no one is getting into your account.
Second, if the host has form mail disabled, there's not much you can do other than find another host that allows what you want.

Here's a pretty good secured mail form you might peek at:

I cannot assist you with configuration of it though, you'd need to speak with your host about that or read the docs on that site.