My license has been canceled without notice


Nov 24, 2021
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I registered for the first time yesterday and bought my first licenses directly, without even asking for the 15 days trial.
After 2-3 hours I got an email saying that " We canceled your order because you provided an incomplete or invalid address. " and my license canceled...

Then, I filled in all my contact details and my VAT number in detail, and tried to renew my license. It asked me to pay the whole month again from the beginning! Eventually, I paid the whole month again to get rid of this issue right away.

After about an hour, I see that my new license has been canceled again! And this time, I did not receive any notification or email about it!

I have been opening a support ticket since yesterday, but I have not received any response.

Has it happened to anyone? I did not find anything like it anywhere in the search! Thank you...