My servers IP address routs to client website ???

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Nov 4, 2002

When I type the IP address of my server in the address bar of my browser, then I get a website of a client of me.

How can I change this to view my own website ?

I just want to see my own website when I navigate to my servers IP ... and not one of my clients I host on the same server.

Can this be changed ? If yes, how ?

Thanks a lot !!



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Oct 10, 2001
It is because their site is the first virtual host entry in the httpd.conf file that has that ip listed.

If you account is on the same ip as the main server ip then just move the virtual host entry for your site to the top of the virtual host entries, then restart apache.

If it is not on the same ip then you cannot get the main server ip to pull yoursite unless you do this:

Create your own account with .htaccess redirect or a single white page with a meta refresh to your url, then go to the httpd.conf file and move the virtual host entry for this account to the top of the list, then restart apache.

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