Arindam chak

Jun 23, 2019
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Hi i have two vps. Recently i purchased one and transferred some accounts to it. but the web server of that goes down frequently (2 times per hour for 5-10 mins). at that moment i can only access whm, cpanel but the site not loading/not reachable. But when i restart the apache (Sometimes the site becomes live after the 5-10min) it comes live.


Jurassic Moderator
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! I'm sorry to hear about these issues you're experiencing with the VPS server. One of the possibilities for this behavior would be a Denial of Service attack against Apache on the system, as that sounds a lot like what you are describing. If Apache is not able to function properly, but works for a brief time after a restart, that often indicates a DoS is happening.

We have a guide here that will help you recognize if this is what is happening, and offer some solutions:

so I'd recommend checking that out. If that isn't the issue, just let me know.