My Website was on cPanel Web Hosting Earlier now I want to move to VPS


Jan 25, 2021
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Earlier, I have shared hosting from GoDaddy with cPanel now i want to move to VPS of cPanel. Can I upgrade hosting from GoDaddy or i have to buy from cPanel website?
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! You can update to a different plan through GoDaddy, and they may even offer migration services to help you move to a VPS system. While we do provide the control panel software, we don't offer any actual hosting services on our side, so if you've had a good experience so far you may want to stick with them :D


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Nov 20, 2014
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I assume you purchased your domain name through GoDaddy. ?
If so, do they give you a seperate login where you can manage your dns or name servers.
One which is different to your cpanel.

Basically, you'll need to prove that you can move your services away from GoDaddy without it reflecting your ability to modify your DNS and NS entries.
You may find that GD, offer some form, of incentive to keep your hosting with them.
eg: you get free annual domain renewal if you purchase a hosting plan through them.

Work out the cost implications of having your domain renewal only with GD, and your VPS somewhere else.
If this is a viable option, then personally i'd move my VPS somewhere else, somewhere where you get that personal touch, somewhere where a support ticket is not handled by someone working from a script and spending 12 hours before it gets passed to tier 2.

If you purchase a VPS through GoDaddy, then I would expect that they would perform the migration for you, although this is not a given, and if that's the case, you ought to see very little disruption.
Where as if you purchase a VPS from somewhere else, then you most certainly would have to perform the migration yourself.
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