My WHM + cPanel server stopped working after step 5


May 29, 2014
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I currently have a CentOS 6.5 Basic Server OS with WHM + cPanel installed on it. My ISP is AT&T U-Verse with five static IP addresses. What I'm trying to do is basically test my skills on setting up a server without using any offered services other then a registrar for purchasing my domain.

At the moment, I'm stuck on creating my nameservers. Lets hypothetically say my domain is and my servers IP address is I currently have 5 static IP addresses I purchased from my ISP ( - My Gateway IP would be and my Netmask is I'm using AT&T U-Verse, so my DNS servers are and I know this because that's what the AT&T Technician told me and it's explained here:

I purchased my domain through Network Solutions and made three A Records (,, points to my servers main IP address (, also points to my main IP address (, and points to my additional IP address I added in the WHM + cPanel setup ( This IP address is one of the static IP addresses my ISP provided me with. You can see a picture of what my Network Solutions A Records preferences theoretically look like below:

In the WHM Setup I made my server's hostname When asked what my Primary and Secondary Resolvers are I played it safe and put Google's Public DNS Resolvers (, I'm guessing that this is where I would put AT&T's DNS servers (,, but I wasn't 100% sure so I played it safe by using Google's.

The next step asked me if I wanted to add anymore IP's. I added the second Static IP address ( which will be used for my second nameserver ( When asked for my two nameservers I put the two A Records (, that I mentioned above.

When asked for my A Entries for my hostname and Nameservers, I put for and for under 'Add "A Entries" for all Nameservers'. Under 'Add "A Entries" for hostname' I put for This can also be seen in the image linked below. Ignore the Nameserver domains written in the image example (, They're actually and

Ok, now with all the technical details out of the way I'll ask the questions I have.

1.) Am I correct in assuming I can use my static IP's as nameservers?

2.) If so, should I be using three static IP addresses? One for my hostname, one for nameserver 1, and another for nameserver 2?

3.) By making my hostname, will this be a problem when I plan using cPanel for the domain I noticed I get an error that's something along the lines of "This domain is already in use on this server" when I try making a cPanel account with the domain

4.) Are the AT&T Resolver IP addresses I mentioned above ACTUALLY what I think they are and does anyone have any experience in using them? Like, do they work? If not, are there any downsides in using Google's Public DNS Resolvers?

5.) Is there anything else I did wrong that you noticed or anything you guys suggest I should do to make my experience in setting up a WHM + cPanel fulfilled?

I apologize for the long explanation, but I feel like it's necessary to explain all the technical details I used for my server. Again, all the information I put here is made up. For instance, my hostname isn't


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

1. Yes, it's fine to use any IP address added to your server as a name server. However, keep in mind that you must register your name servers at the registrar, not setup "A" records there. This is explained here:

How to Register Private Nameservers

2. Yes, you can use separate IP addresses if you prefer, but it's not required. Technically, you could use the same IP address for the hostname and name servers without issue.

3. You will need to manually delete the existing DNS Zone for "" before creating an account for it, but otherwise, it's fine to use "" as long as you don't plan on using it as a subdomain on the account. Remember to setup the "A" record for the hostname after creating the cPanel account.

4. Google's resolvers are fine, but yes, your providers resolvers are optimal. Check with their support to confirm they are your resolvers and proceed with using them.

5. No, other than ensuring you register your name servers at the registrar, as mentioned in answer number one.

Thank you.