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Jun 26, 2005
MyAverages 2.1

Script shows averages of server load and server uptime( NOT uptime percentages ).

Server Load:
Script displays todays average, daily average, monthly average and yearly average.

Server Uptime:
Script displays current uptime and average uptime.

Average uptime is determend by what the uptime was each time server was rebooted.

Copy script to it's own folder. Name it what you like. "ma" works for me. Be sure to set the pa variable to the path script is located. Change permissions to 755.
You must use the "-i" switch the first time calling the script. No switch thereafter.

Cron Job:
* * * * * <Path to script>/<Script name> -i

Note: Be sure to use -i switch in cronjob.

Script is still in Beta:
As I just finished script today, I have not had time to see if the daily.... averages really work. They should work, but as this is only my 4th script who knows. I will update tomorrow.

I am looking for ideas on what to add to the script. Any other averages you think might be cool to have.
I am already working on having it email a nightly report.



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Jun 26, 2005
This is what the readout looks like:

[email protected] [/bin]# ma

MyAverages 2.3

Processing Data.......

Today's Load Average: 0.39

Daily Load Average: 0.12
No monthly report yet available...
No yearly report yet available...


Current Uptime: 29 Days, 19 Hours, 35 Minutes
No average uptime yet available...
In version 3.+ the email report will breakdown each month and year... I hope...:confused: