MySQL 4.0.15, Recurrent Corruption


Aug 3, 2002
So, somehow I missed the recurrent corruption issues with MySQL 4.0.12...

My WHM 8.5.1 Cpanel 8.5.3-S3 and MySQL 4.0.15 however started having problems in the past 3 days.

I first noticed it when I got a random mysql error sent to me from my vBulletin when someone was trying to read a thread. So, I repaired the db -- there were some errors, got fixed. Figured -- well, it happens.

A few hours later, again. Then later a non-vBulletin db on the same server. Over the next 1-2 days, multiple corruptions... basically every or every other time I ran the repair utility.

I finally exported my vBulletin db -- which had the bulk of the problems -- and reimported to another db. This is 670MB, so it took a while. Nope... that one also had recurrent errors.

So, I finally just downgraded to the last MySQL 3.x.x as offered by CPanel. Now, maybe 5 hours later, no issues... and running the repair shows no issues. Like I said, before, I couldn't run it more than once without problems.

A bit frustrating, and time consuming. Just wondering if anyone else had the same issues with 4.0.15?

Of note, I'm on a Dual 1.4GHz P3 server, with 2GB RAM, RedHat Linux 7.3.

I've asked my host to run a memory check to rule out bad memory.



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Sep 16, 2003
Dear arn,

Did you checked if it is a bug with the 4.0.15 version at ? One or two bugs looks similar to the one that you have reported. Please check that.